St. Francis Xavier School

St. Francis Xavier’s 2017 edition of Jaguar Tales earns First Class Honor Rating in National Scholastic Press Association’s Critique/Contest

The 2017 edition of the St. Francis Xavier yearbook, Jaguar Tales, has received a “First Class Honor” rating in the National Scholastic Press Association’s critique/contest.  In the final summary, the judge noted, “This is an awesome little yearbook that delivers big content.”

            The book was advised by long-time “retired” high school adviser Kathleen Calder, AFSC, whose De La Salle books regularly took state, regional and national recognition.  Following her retirement, Calder was asked by St. Francis Xavier’s Pastor, Msgr. Andrew Taormina, “Father T,” to write the parish 90-year history, which was published as a 32-page “mini-yearbook” in style.  Then, she was approached by St. Francis Xavier’s Principal, Barbara Martin, to take over the elementary school’s yearbook.

            This 2017 book was the school’s 90th anniversary, and the opening two pages gave an overview of the Principals and highlights of the early years.